Books by James Puckett

Books by James Puckett

Books that will challenge you to change!

JpBooks are books that, once read, will challenge anyone to change for the better. My books are Spirit inspired and written in such a way that even a young child can read them and understand what he or she has read.
All my books are based on personal real life experiences. Even though all of them might not contain the Holy Scriptures, they all are written based on biblical and moral principles.

My books are written for both young and old. Two of my books were written just for adolescents, teens, and young parents. I have also produced a 1-hour cd of one of these books, which allow parents to play for their children while commuting back-and-forth in their cars. This cd will educate and inspire all that hear it.

I challenge you today to take the challenge to change.

If not now then when?

I would love to hear from you.